An Unexpected & Truly Life Changing Gift from the pandemic.

An Unexpected & Truly Life Changing Gift from the pandemic.

Well I thought I had my annual “2020 spring fling” all planned.   My mom and I are were going to meet up for two nights in the city, and then I was going to hop on a plane and visit my BFF Isabel in beautiful Tucson.   I mean April where I live, is an ugly combination of mud, snow, rain and of course that means more mud.   But Arizona in April — sunshine, warm days, pretty sunsets, bare feet, no toques, mittens, snow boots or mud in sight.   This year I was organized.   I had booked early and taken advantage of lower flight prices, started my packing list and Isabel and I were already planning what we would do during our time in paradise.

And then late February arrived and corona virus became Covid-19 and the top story of every news report and top of mind for all of us.   As we watched the cases increase all over the world; talk of masks, social distancing and lock down became a part of our everyday conversation.   St. Patty’s Day came along, 3 days before the school Spring Break, and then the big  announcement — Canada is going into self imposed quarantine.   Businesses closed, restaurants and malls closed, the government announced that children would not be returning to school after March Break.   Almost overnight the world we knew had changed.   And my flight to Arizona was cancelled.    (Really sad emoji face).

Well what to do now?   The headlines repeated unlimited lock down.   No one really knew when life would return to normal and that meant it could be a long time.   This wasn’t going to be a “two week fix”.   What to do now?

Fortunately I live in a lovely part of Canada,   my husband has been retired for 6 years and I work from home, so other than a few inconveniences; day to day life wasn’t all that different — we pretty much live in isolation already.    But I had all these great plans, and now I was going to be home — not travelling, not basking in sunshine, home in the mud — back at my desk — that I had been working so hard to clear up before my amazing trip.   I was not happy.

And then a wonderful thing happened.   I received a marketing email from Marci Shimoff about a new program she was launching in mid-April to teach and certify trainers for her Happy For No Reason program.   Happy For No Reason — what the heck is that??   Well — I sure was unhappy for lots of reasons so I was definitely intrigued.   I had completed a program with Marci in 2018 so I was familiar with her amazing work but I was also nervous – I haven’t applied for anything since the 70’s.   They were only taking 2,000 participants and I knew Marci had almost 400,000 followers world wide — like what are my chances.   But I had nothing else on my agenda for the next few  months so I threw caution to the wind, filled out the online questionnaire as fully and honestly as I could, and anxiously hit submit.   

I was shocked, but also pleasantly surprised, to receive a very quick response inviting me to join the program.   Actually I was thrilled.    So on April 14th, the day I was to fly off to Phoenix for fun in the sun, I embarked on an unbelievable learning journey.   Happy For No Reason did and is still teaching me new things, bringing me miracles everyday and is my resource of new tools and techniques on how to be truly happy –  not from outside circumstances or trappings, but from within.  I don’t need to have inherited happy genes, to win a lottery or to lose that nagging twenty pounds to be truly happy — I can create it anywhere, anytime – right from inside of me.

I invite you to explore this truly amazing program with Shila and become happy for no reason today, every day and for the rest of your life.   


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