About Shila

Shila Jassal has been on the personal development path for more than 20 years, and has served as a spiritual catalyst and healing facilitator. She has supported many people to overcome their deepest blocks and fears so they can step into greater alignment with their true essence, towards greater joy, health, success and abundance. She brings a vast array of experience to her work.

She is a certified Happy For No Reason trainer, a life coach, healer, complimentary therapist and counsellor.

As a qualified counsellor, specialising in loss, bereavement and trauma; Shila has worked with a large number of clients from varied backgrounds and in the past developed her own counselling service to address the needs of clients with multi-cultural needs. Shila is often drawn upon to work with clients affected through major incidents, such as the Tsunami disaster and most recently working with families affected by the Grenfell Fire.

Currently working in the field of leadership and talent development; Shila has harnessed her many years of experience to better understand human potential and excellence and how this can be harnessed to support an individual towards greater wholeness and wellbeing at the level of mind, body and spirit.

Shila is also a sought after motivation coach, and workshop facilitator. She has worked in the corporate and private sector for many years in the field of diversity and inclusion. Shila loves to work with people from differing cultural backgrounds, in recognising and celebrating people’s unique gifts and cultural heritage, yet also going beyond this to transcend any limiting cultural beliefs that might prevent us from living our most true, authentic life.

Shila’s motto is that when we live our most authentic, life, we are able to more easily connect with our soul essence; and by doing so, access the universal field of oneness, a state of being where we can more easily achieve true peace and happiness, bringing miracles into our lives.

Shila has recently developed her own modality- Soulful Happiness- integrating her different healing modalities to support and empower others to connect to their soul purpose and live their best life.

She is passionate about living a heart centred and soulful life from the principles of love, integrity, peace and passion and teaches others to do the same. Her goal is to support others to reach this state of inner peace and happiness so their soul can sing- the state of being happy for no reason.

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