Akashic Readings

Shila is a channel for the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones, and is able through this special connection to access your Akashic records (your soul records) to bring through understanding, wisdom and healing support for any issue you may be facing and needing help with.

Each session is 1 hour long and during it you will receive a powerful healing transmission from the Masters and Teachers to assist you on your journey. Clients often report significant shifts in their lives following a session.

Testimonials from past clients who have received an Akashic reading can be found on the Testimonials section of this website.

Sessions are normally conducted by Skype or Zoom and last 1-2 hours.

Cost: £65:00/hour


Soulful Healing is a powerful healing modality which uses many advanced and cutting edge techniques. Utilizing NLP, Quantum Healing, Time Line Therapy and DNA Repatterning, Shila helps her clients heal deeply at all levels of being. Through her unique healing modality, Shila is able to identify the client’s core issues that may be blocking them from accessing their true nature and living their best life. Her work will shift these issues at the cellular level so the recipient can release any long held limiting beliefs and programs. By doing so, clients are able to come into their true power and magnificence again as soulful beings. Many clients express feelings of deeper peace and joy, and a lightness of their being after only one of these sessions.

Sessions are live and conducted one on one.

Cost: £80:00/hour


Shila is an advanced soul plan reader, and is able to analyse your talents, goals, potential life lessons and soul challenges in this lifetime, as well as help you get clarity on your soul purpose. Through receiving a soul plan reading you will receive an energetic activation as your soul remembers what you are here to do, and your latent or manifest talents and goals will therefore become much clearer. Shila will also advice you on how to overcome any soul challenges and reach your soul purpose and potential in this lifetime.

Shila is further trained in supporting you in identifying the most optimal name for you and your business through the science of numerology and soul plan readings, including relationship support through advising on the soul plan between you and your partner, or other loved ones.

Cost: £65:00

Transformational Life Coaching (TLC)

A powerful and unique coaching system to enable you to awaken to your true essence and your abilities to create your best life! Shila has developed an integrative model of working which uses various healing modalities and cutting edge technologies in the field of spirituality and neuro-science, that will support you in moving effectively through any limiting beliefs in your life. During the 1-2 coaching session, you will be assisted by Shila in clearing these deep rooted patterns and energetic blocks. Shila will be able to identify the key themes affecting you, and at what level of your being they are having the impact so they can be cleared at core level, thus creating change at all levels of your being. She will create a personalised transformational journey package for you to follow. The sessions can be powerful and life changing, as you release years and often lifetimes of deep- rooted patterns that have often held you back on your life’s journey. After a TLC session you will feel much lighter, as your energy field will be considerably raised from the release of these old patterns. The session will leave you with a greater sense of joy and possibility in moving forward on your life’s path.

Sessions are normally conducted by Skype or Zoom and last 1-2 hours.

Cost: £65:00/hour


Each of us at sometime in our life have or will face loss. It comes in many forms: death of a loved one, friend or pet, loss of a job, one’s health, economic stability or a natural disaster beyond our control. Reactions to such a traumatic time is unique for each one of us. With over twenty years experience specializing in bereavement and trauma counselling both in the UK and abroad, Shila brings a vast array of unique perspectives and knowledge to her work. She will gently support her clients to face, explore and examine their feelings and issue, affecting them during times of great loss and change. Using a variety of techniques and tools, Shila enables her clients to understand where they are in their journey and help them heal and return to wholeness.

One on one sessions can be done live, via Skype or Zoom.

Cost: £55:00/hour


Shila is happy to provide specialized one on one sessions customized to your unique needs. With many years experience in the field of counselling, Shila, has a broad range of experience and techniques to support her clients with many issues. After an initial discussion to determine, where you are now and where you would like to go, Shila will arrange a series of sessions to empower you to move through whatever issue or concern you are facing.

Sessions can be delivered in person, via Skype or Zoom.

Cost: £60:00/hour



Shila’s signature program, SOULFUL HAPPINESS, enables women of all ages to tap into their soul essence and generate true and genuine happiness from within by accessing this power; it is the sort of happiness which is not dependent on external circumstances but is happiness that is truly fired from your soul. By using powerful, spiritual techniques and tools, Shila teaches her clients how to tap into this inner soulful happiness, which is our natural birthright.

Sessions are done via Zoom.
Cost: TBD


What would it take to make you happy? Fulfilling career? Big bank account? The perfect mate? In this program, Shila, offers a breakthrough approach to living with true happiness. As a certified Happy For No Reason trainer Shila has studied extensively with Marci Schimoff, an internationally renowed speaker and transformational coach, to learn powerful positive psychology tools and techniques. By incorporating these breakthrough ideas, Shila has created a life-changing...

Cost: TBD


What if you could live in a state of unconditional love all of the time – if you could love people, not because they fill your needs or because they love you, but because you’re connected to a state of pure love within yourself. What if you could bring the best and highest part of yourself to your family, your friends, your work, to your community, and even to the things that you find most challenging in your life? You can, and you will learn how to in Shila’s eight (8) week program…

Cost: TBD